Our Artists

Our eclectic roster of South Florida-based artists is honoring Oakland Park's past while bringing a renewed sense of community, pride, and identity to the area. Merging urban, contemporary, and folk artwork, Oaklyn's artists are creating an unequivocally singular body of work for this project.

David Adam Le Batard, affectionately known as LEBO, has distinctive murals that adorn the elevator foyers at Oaklyn from the second to the tenth floor. The Oaklyn project stood as one of LEBO's final commisions before his passing in August 2023, and his memory and masterful creations will forever be cherished.

Didi Contreras created a mural on the Oak3 rooftop to symbolize female strength and integrate ocean and sunset elements. In her words, "The artwork reflects women's grace and power, mirroring the fluidity of life's challenges. The colors of the sunset signify hope and renewal, highlighting endless possibilities. The mural honors women's strength, likening it to the awe-inspiring beauty and power of the ocean and sunset."

Ravi and Dan teamed-up to create an expansive banner that wraps around the Oaklyn parking garage. Take a good look, and you'll spot all sorts of interesting things. The banner features the art team's original designs, historic snapshots of Oakland Park and famous local landmarks.

Brian Butler's mural is a purposeful tribute to life in Oakland Park, an idyllic coastal town in South Florida. It invites people tokick back, soak up the good life, and let the good times roll.

Dan Fila crafted an extraordinary nine-story mural on the outer facade of the parking garage, complemented by a diverse mixed-medium installation inside the second residential lobby.

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